About Us

QC Technologies Inc. (QCTI) is an internationally recognized information technology products and consulting services company founded in 2000 with its operations based in Greater Toronto, Ontario.

QCTI created VICommunity (Virtual Integrated Community) after recognizing the emerging needs of local community groups and their growing use of web/wireless technologies.

Our Vision

To bring social and business community members together where they Live, Work, Shop and Play through innovative technology.

QCTI VICommunity visualizes the need of:

  • enhancing the quality of life by bringing social and business community members closer together wherever they may live, work, shop or play.
  • becoming the preferred technology partner when communities need the ability to interconnect, organize, or just share information with their neighbours, customers, suppliers or partners

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Our Products and Services

QCTI's innovative products have been specifically designed and developed to help you manage your online community more efficiently and effectively.

Our web-system has been designed so you can tailor our system features to support your organization's unique needs without having to be a technical expert.


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Our Technology

The QCTI VICommunity's software solutions are provided in a "Software as a Service" (SaaS) offering, designed and built on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) model. This allows features and functions to be componentized the way you want, and since our solution is self-managed and self-maintained, our clients can keep information up to date.