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Welcome to www.VICommunity.com, our Virtual Integrated Community, where you Live, Work, Shop & Play. Also, known as Virtual Internet Community, and Virtual Integrated Community. Powered by QCTI QC Technologies Inc., Quadstar Corp. established 1991. Virtual Community is make up of real communities and set to help our community members. Our VIManager products provide effective solutions to Builder/Developers, Propoerty Management Companies, Condominium Corporations, Owners, Residents and Tenants of Commercial and Residential Properties. If you have needs of a Property Management software, Condo Website, Condo Portal, Service Request Management, Facility Management software, visit us at www.vimanager.com. Our VISportsClubâ„¢ is a complete web solution for sports organizations. It can handle registration processes, payments, scheduling, statistics, team management, and a variety of other functions in a cost effective manner. Find out more at www.visportsclub.com. VIC is created to offer an Online Forum to communicate and share the benefits in comprehensive advisory services, service management, and value-added product offerings to our 'Very Important' members. Community Servies is essential. Powered by QCTI QC Technologies Inc. VICommunity or Virtual Internet Community is for members or all communities. Powered by QCTI VICommunity. NEW ACCOUNT 20120912 VICommunity